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Project Management


Proper project management involves the planning, implementing, monitoring, and close out of project activities to successfully meet project milestones and objectives by effectively controlling and balancing the constraints of scope, time, and cost.

Due to the complexities of all programs and projects, complicated schedules, and detailed coordination, all programs and projects experience setbacks in one form or another. Proper project controls techniques measure progress in an objective manner combining measurements of scope, schedule, and cost into a single integrated system.  When properly deployed, implemented, and maintained, the project controls system provides early warning of performance problems, prevents scope creep, communicates objective progress to stakeholders, and keeps the project team focused on achieving significant milestones.

Our core competency is providing project controls services to support clients who require specific subject matter expertise, have resource limitations, or simply require staff augmentation.  Ethan Alan Group understands your business needs and will work to improve collaboration among the Project Team.  Our resources are experienced in a wide array of project controls tools and best practices, as well as being skilled to support all types and sizes of programs and projects.

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The Problem

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Our Solutions

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